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Environmental Services

GEMS understands the connection between commercial viability, community sustainability and environmental stewardship. As trained scientists, GEMS founders can provide environmental site assessments, regulatory compliance, environmental transaction screens, Phase I, II, and III services, waste characterization and removal, feasibility studies, and municipal water supply protection plans.

Our projects have included facility decontamination and spill remediation, tank removal, permitting and compliance, site closure reporting, soil & groundwater sampling and comprehensive extraction, demolition and recovery services.

Over the past few years GEMS has assisted a local countywide rural planning department, through the Department of State Watershed Planning Grant Program, to implement multiple Source Water Protection and Assessment Plans.  Our specialized approach models municipal spring water sources that do not follow the conventions of well-fed systems.  These plans help communities implement protective measures for rural development near sensitive drinking water supplies through scientific investigation of the geomorphic, geologic, and hydrologic conditions surrounding the area. 

The studies take into account the surface and subsurface water supplies as well as the storage, transportation, and distribution security of the drinking water to the communities.  Successful funding and protection plans have been delivered to several communities Countywide