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Professional Grant Writing Services for Businesses, Communities and Non-Profit Organizations

At GEMS, we work hard to develop individualized programs to assist communities, businesses and nonprofit organizations with the identification and pursuit of funding opportunities. Our services include identifying federal, state and local funding resources, preparing funding proposals and applications, as well as the administration processes associated with each of these programs.

GEMS’ experience in developing grant proposals includes successful applications in support of public water and wastewater infrastructure, local business assistance programs, business expansions, stormwater management, community planning, and more. GEMS’ project team brainstorms with your team to identify critical needs, and we generate a list of opportunities available to address these needs.

When funding programs open, there is a limited amount of time required to complete applications. Using our proactive procedures, application elements can be completed in time to meet these deadlines.

Currently, GEMS is overseeing the administration of a variety of different programs, including but not limited to:

  • Main Street Revitalization Programs

  • Local Municipal Small Business Assistance Programs

  • Open Space, Recreation, and Trail Projects

  • Historic Preservation Projects

  • Community Facility Projects

  • Municipal Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Projects

  • Municipal Stormwater Projects

  • Municipal Planning Projects

  • Municipal Housing Programs

  • Regional Economic Development Programs