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About GEMS

GEMS is at the forefront of helping businesses, nonprofit organizations and municipalities develop and manage complex projects and programs in addition to securing funding resources to help with the capital outlay associated with these projects. Since 2004, our goals have been focused on constantly examining ways to improve the businesses, nonprofits and communities we serve.

We are involved with a wide range of projects including business start-up and expansion, municipal infrastructure improvements, historic preservation, public facility revitalization, brownfield projects, permitting and compliance assistance, energy efficiency projects, and more.

GEMS’ in-depth knowledge of the intricate details involved with project development and management combined with our experience with numerous state and federal agency funding programs assure overall project success, saving our clients valuable time and money.

Jeremy Silverman, owner of GEMS, is a geologist with experience in business development and management, grant writing, project management and administration, environmental consulting – to include permitting and compliance, sampling, testing, monitoring, data review, and report writing.

His broad spectrum of consulting expertise has evolved to meet client needs ranging from developing project proposals and presentations, to completing funding applications, handling environmental compliance issues, budgeting, and project scheduling.